1. amnhnyc:

    Calling all teachers! Seminars on Science offers online graduate courses for educators, and fall courses start on September 22nd. This session includes courses on evolution, climate change, the Earth, and more. To register, visit amnh.org/learn, and use code AMNHSOS to save $50!



  3. escapekit:

    The work of Olga Protasova

    Ukraine graphic designer Olga Protasova has created a series of lettering works using plasticine. 

    Olga explains that plasticine is the perfect material to exploring new possible ways to combine the medium with typography and letter construction—most of her designs are featured on corporate promotional cards and posters, while some are made with the intentions of adding joy into her life, as well as others.

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  4. lawrenceleemagnuson:

    Paul Gauguin
    Paysage de Te Vaa (1896)
    oil on canvas 46 x 74 cm
    Musée d’art moderne André Malraux, France

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  5. supersonicart:

    Ed Spence’s Incredible Rearranged Photographs.

    After photographing and printing out a photograph of a reflective sheet of paper artist Ed Spence very meticulously cuts out square after square of the original photograph and rearranges the new pieces one by one in a completely new sequence.  The result is stunning.  See more below!

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  6. @dantobinsmith dantobinsmith.com | callforkipple.com
    @dantobinsmith dantobinsmith.com | callforkipple.com
    @dantobinsmith dantobinsmith.com | callforkipple.com
    @dantobinsmith dantobinsmith.com | callforkipple.com

  7. louiscrevier:

    W A L T S A Y S O H N O # 4

    "When the cat’s away, the mice will play."

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  8. sciencefictiongallery:

    Moebius, 1977.


  9. snowce:

    Mead Schaeffer, Hide the Body (detail), 1933

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